I was downsized


Have you been downsized? This site is dedicated to and designed for those of us who have recently suffered a life-changing loss of career due to the current economic downturn. We here at iwasdownsized.com know how you feel; we have suffered a similar fate.

If you have lost your job recently, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your voice. We want you to tell us your story. By sharing your experience with others, you can join the growing list of people who have decided that their story needs to be told.

This site provides a venue for the downsized to share their experiences and describe the effects that being downsized has had on their lives. Remember, there is strength in numbers. By sharing your story, you can help yourself and others get through these very difficult times.

Here’s how it works…

Visit our Tell Your Story page. Here, you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings about how you were treated by your former employer. You might want to include details such as:

  • How long you were employed by your company
  • The nature of your relationships with you co-workers and supervisors
  • Warning signs that foreshadowed you being let go
  • Details concerning how you were actually told that you would be joining the ranks of the unemployed
  • Were you given a generous severance package?
  • How have your personal life and daily routine been affected?
  • How has being downsized changed your view of the American dream?

Our ultimate goal is to collect your stories and publish them in book form so, please share your story, America is waiting to hear it.

Also, please visit our People page and upload a picture of yourself. We want to put a face to what the greed and fraudulent behavior of a few has wrought.

I Was Downsized